Breathe Maman Breathe

As mamans, we are constantly running around with little-to-no time for ourselves. Hormonal fluctuations that occur after pregnancy can affect the way our bodies regulate temperature, which can leave us feeling hotter than normal. Add a warm and snuggly baby while nursing and we can end up in a sweaty mess! Looking for that chic feeling with great style can feel like the furthest thing from our minds. At Choix, this is exactly what we’re about: allowing you to keep your cool...literally. 

Our fabrics define our mission at Choix. During postpartum, women also face sweating and night sweats. Because of this, we choose only breathable and luxurious textiles. We know that what you wear makes a big difference in your motherhood journey. Not in a vain way, au contraire, but in a vital way. We’ve made choices designed to support your body and the planet. Turns out, sustainable fabrics are the next best thing to au naturel!


70% Deadstock

30% Environmentally Friendly Materials

Our Choix fabrics are mainly sourced from deadstock places, meaning they are the leftover fabrics of other fashion houses that may have overestimated their needs. It also means that quantity is limited. We don't have unlimited yardage at our disposal, which makes each design unique. Once sold out, it's unlikely we will be able to bring back the same color or print.  

​The balance of our textiles are sourced from responsible suppliers. We pick sustainable materials such as TENCEL™Modal, Lyocell, Cupro, and more. You don’t have to choose between sustainability and fashion, you can have both! We’ve made the choix easy for you.

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Cotton is a natural vegetable fiber that grows in the seed pod of the cotton plant. The longest fibers produce the highest quality cotton fabrics, such as Pima and Egyptian. The breathable textiles made from cotton fibers are the most commonly used quality in the world. Cotton needs heat to grow, therefore the world's cotton belt is located in the tropics and sub-tropics.


Cupro is a regenerated cellulose fiber that is produced by treating cotton cellulose with cuprammonium salt. Cupro fabrics breathe like cotton, drapes beautifully. It’s very fine and feels like silk yet is washable. Good moisture absorbency and wrinkle resistant qualities.


TENCEL Modal is a man-made cellulose fiber and is essentially a variety of viscose. It is made by spinning reconstituted cellulose from beech trees in a modified viscose process. This process gives longer cellulose molecules which result in an improved version of viscose with better textile performance properties. 


Lyocell is a man-made fiber and is mostly known better by its brand name Tencel®. It is a manufactured fiber composed of regenerated cellulose which is derived from wood pulp. It’s noted for its durability and strength in addition to its eco-friendly manufacturing techniques.