Motherhood Belongs On The Resume

Marjorie Verschueren |


I’m joining HeyMama in destigmatizing motherhood in the workplace by adding the most important title of all to my resume: Mother.

In all industries and at all levels, moms are passed over for new jobs and promotions based on the idea that being a mom means being unfocused and uncommitted at work. Here are some stats to back it up:

  • 69% of US workers say mothers are more likely to be passed up for a new job than other employees
  • 60% admit career opportunities are given to less qualified employees instead of mothers who are more skilled
  • 41% view moms in the workplace as less devoted to their work, and 38% judge them for needing a more flexible work schedule

It’s time to recognize motherhood for what it really is: an endless source of professional skills. 91% of workers agree moms bring unique skills to leadership roles. Anyone who has ever spent more than 5 minutes with a toddler can understand why. Because I’m a mother, I am so much more powerful professionally than I ever was before having children. 

If you’d like to join me, add “Mother” to your LinkedIn title and share this badge with #MotherhoodOnTheResume to show your solidarity. Watch the video How To Put Motherhood On Your Resume here



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