Who We Are

The concept for Choix was born in 2019, six months after Marjorie, our founder, had her first baby. Newly postpartum, she found herself faced with so many challenges when choosing what to wear: from ill-fitting nursing clothes to functional-but-not-stylish, mainly synthetic, poor quality fabrics. While building a new community of friends—her maman's village—Marjorie quickly realized that she wasn’t the only one with wardrobe problems postpartum. 

After conducting research and surveying over a thousand moms, she found out 73% of women feel unattractive during this most vulnerable time of their lives. Non non non! It made her realize, what if a nursing wardrobe could actually inspire your style? Marjorie believes it's essential to wear clothing that fits and flatters postpartum, transitional bodies. And shopping for comfortable, functional, and sustainable clothing post-bébé shouldn't be that hard!

Inspired by the fusion of French heritage and California effortless spirit, Marjorie created Choix as a curated collection of stylish and feminine, effortless staples. It’s designed to support your body—and the planet—with luxurious chicness and sustainability in mind. All fabrics are chosen carefully for mamans to feel at ease while running after their little ones with confidence. Fashion with less waste? Oui!​

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How We Do It

At Choix, we work in the most ethical ways possible, recognizing, with integrity, the negative impact that the fashion industry has on our environment. 

Simply put, being 100% sustainable in fashion doesn’t exist. From the moment you start to create something new, resources will be needed. The good news? There are solutions and alternatives that reduce our footprint. That’s the route we are choosing for the different aspects of our business operations at Choix.


We prefer to produce in the U.S. where we can visit our manufacturer and ensure good labor conditions and fair wages. Keeping production local also means less of a carbon footprint compared to producing overseas.


For our debut collection, about 70% of our fabrics are sourced from deadstock places, meaning there are the left-over fabrics of other fashion houses that might have overestimated their needs. The rest is sourced from responsible suppliers and we choose sustainable materials.


We choose to use responsibly sourced paper, compostable mailers and organic cotton labels.