4 Easy Tips For Dressing While Breastfeeding On-The-Go

Marjorie Verschueren |

Dressing up & breastfeeding on the go? How does it work? Another thing that moms have to think about: what to wear outside while nursing? It can be challenging to find good options for your postpartum body as well.

For us moms, getting dressed in something to feel good in is therapeutic. In the early weeks of having a baby, it’s often a struggle to leave the house and when you do it, feeling good about how you look is half the battle. Read on our 4 easy tips to keep your fashion on while feeding bebe, pumping at work and for your postpartum body.


1. Tops & Dresses game

You may be able to still reach out to your regular closet while nursing. Seek for those styles that are easy to pull or access to the breast:

  • Wrap designs,shop our wrap designs,

  • Button down shirts or dresses,

  • Smocked bodice designs,

  • Square, scoop or v necklines,

  • Cardigans,

  • Overalls, jumpsuits with zippers or buttons.

P.S.: Every mother is different. The styling tips provided might not work for you if you want more coverage on your chest.


2. Bottoms game 

High waisted and elastic waist pants can probably become your go to option if you don’t want to fall into the legging routine, they will cover your belly plus they will be more forgiving if you’ve got wider hips. Consider real wrap skirts as an alternative to pants, there are adjustable to your body along with elastic waistband skirts.Shop our Joelle Wrap Midi Skirt.


3. Choose natural, absorbent fabrics

True fact: after giving birth to my baby, my internal body temperature went up and adding a warm snuggly baby to that situation often resulted in a sweaty mess when breastfeeding.

Check the fabric content and be aware of synthetic fabrics. Opt for more natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, hemp or some that have cooling, breathable properties like Tencel Lyocell or Modal, Cupro. It will help with regulating your body temperature and absorb moisture.


4. Breastfeeding gear

Finally, do not forget a good support nursing bra and your nursing pads. Breasts leak happens at any time without warning. We love the reusable pads that you can throw in the machine or simply hand wash. It’s more sustainable than the disposable ones.

Wear a long and wide scarf if you want to have some privacy on the go or use your baby’s swaddle for coverage.


P.S.: Every baby is different, some babies don’t like being covered and overheat easily. Make sure to adjust to what works best for your little one.