Marsha Stephanson, Founder of Cater to Mom Has Something For Mamas You Don’t Want to Miss

Marjorie Verschueren |

Marsha Stephanson is the founder of Cater to Mom, a subscription box filled with tons of thoughtful goodies for moms at different stages of motherhood. With the “COVID era”, Cater to Mom boxes are the perfect self-care packages or gifts to send to the mamas in your life. Marsha lives in Texas, Austin, with her partner and their two children. She is sharing her motivations behind Cater to Mom journey.

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1. Your children are now 5 and 17 years old, what made you decide to create boxes for moms while postpartum is behind you?

I started Cater to Mom because it was the one area of motherhood that is forgotten about. I wished I had Cater to Mom when I had my children. 

Honestly, I don’t think postpartum really ever leaves you. Postpartum can look very different for everyone. There are moms who have suffered from birth trauma still coping, battling postpartum depression, body image, self-identity, and so many other challenges that we are still trying to resolve well past our children’s 1 year. This is one of the reasons I chose the subscription box model so that we can support moms for however long they need our help.

2. What products do moms love the most from your boxes?

The Pink Stork Postpartum Recovery Tea, Gentlepak Perineal Pad, Shower Steamers, and the Lilas Natural Pain Relief Patch. They are all women/mom-owned companies by the way!

3. What are the pieces of advice you would have loved to get when you became a mom?

To give myself grace. I felt like I had to do it all and be this supermom but in reality, I ended up burning myself out. I think moms need to know it's ok if the house is a mess, if the laundry does not get done today, you are allowed to have someme-time. If all you did was relax and take care of your baby that is more than enough.

4. What are your suggestions to build a better maternal health care system?

We need more than just a6-weekcheck-up appointment. Moms need ongoing mental and emotional support for however long we need it. I think that having the option for a Postpartum Doula should be a part of our health coverage.

5. You have another job on a side, are you able to maintain time for yourself? If yes, what does it look like?

I am a huge believer in a morning ritual. I wake up at 530am, have my coffee, meditate, pray, and just enjoy some quiet time to myself before the rest of my household wakes up. It’s my non-negotiable mommy time.

6. Have you faced racism during your entrepreneur journey?

I have not faced any racism during myentrepreneurial journey as of yet. I think my purpose to support all moms from all walks of life no matter, gender, race, or color speaks for itself. I’m just a mom on a mission to bring more awareness to postpartum.

7. With the reopening of schools for Fall up in the air, are you “planning” in case you have to homeschool your children? What do you think you will be doing in case schools aren’t opening?

Omigoodness, I’m so not ready! My daughter just graduated from high school and that was very stressful to say the least because we did not get to celebrate her senior year the way we truly wanted to. Now I’m trying to wrap my mind around homeschooling my soon to be kindergartner. In the event we are homeschooling I will have to figure out how to balance business and school. I’m praying for all families for patience and strength this Fall!